Hatta Mountain Safari

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Hatta Mountain Safari


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Hatta Mountain Safari

It is hard to explain the joy of travelling to the Hatta Mountain in simple words. Sunset Desert Safari will bring you the opportunity to explore the vast landscape and the amazing scenery of Hatta. The view of the Hajjar Mountains is truly very mesmerizing.

The Tour Overview

Participate in our off-road tour to explore the rugged landscape. The picturesque scenery of the magnificent Hajjar Mountains is very captivating. A 4×4 vehicle is the best medium to travel. You have a golden opportunity to explore an ancient fort and mosque. Most of the old houses, historical and ancient mountains are restored in a very elegant manner.

The Hatta Dam is also an interesting place for tourists. The water collected from natural mountain springs is used for irrigation as well as electricity generation. The team of Sunset Desert Safari will take you to Hatta Hill Park. This lush green space is the perfect picnic spot. You can have a delicious lunch but at an extra charge.

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